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High-Int. Book Seminar - "Las Batallas en el Desierto"

Las Batallas en el DesiertoCourse Description: Expand your understanding of Mexican culture and history while you enjoy reading and discussing one of the most original and widely read works in 20th century Mexican Literature, “Las Batallas en el desierto” by José Emilio Pacheco. In the 65-page novella, Pacheco masterfully weaves myriad cultural references into the story of a boy in mid-century Mexico City, serving as a fascinating springboard into discussion about history, music, art, and the city itself.

Through enthralling multi-media presentations, students will delve into some of the most important historical events and diverse cultural manifestations that have shaped contemporary Mexican identity. We will discover a variety of cultural icons: from revolutionary heroes like Emiliano Zapata to extraordinary comedians Cantinflas and Tin Tan; from the stars of the golden era of Mexican film to the brilliant composer of children’s music, Cri Cri. Amidst this rich cultural context, the narrative of the novel explores the universal theme of love and asks the great question: who gets the privilege of defining what is love and what is not?

Designed for Spanish students who have an intermediate speaking ability in Spanish, this course will provide a highly engaging linguistic and cultural immersion experience and captivating platform for group discussion.

Best suited for: Students who’ve completed at least Spanish Intermediate 4 or equivalent

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