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Spanish for High School Students

Spanish tutoring highschoolCourse Description: This fun and interactive course is designed for high school students who study Spanish during the school year and want extra practice and reinforcement over the summer. The class will focus on reviewing topics that students have already covered in their high school courses and consolidating their comprehension and speaking skills through dynamic, conversational activities. Uniquely, this group class will dedicate some time to individual work and one-on-one tutoring in order to best suit the learning needs of each student. This offers students the best of both worlds - the individual attention of private lessons united with the social interaction offered by group classes, at a group rate!

Best suited for: High School students who have at least studied the present simple and past tenses in Spanish

Summer 2017 Schedule:
Fridays |  11:00am - 12:30am | July 28th - Aug 25th 

Course Topics:
The topics covered in this class will be custom-tailored to the students enrolled according to their ability level and learning goals.

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