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Small Group Spanish Classes for Children and Youth

Spanish for Kids in Portland, OR

In Spanish classes for children and youth at Tierra, students are immersed in the Spanish language and enjoy learning through games, music, stories, and crafts.  Our dynamic and interactive lessons expose students to the Spanish language and Latin American culture with motivating activities that invite them to use Spanish as a natural means of communication, even if they’ve had little prior exposure. Our small-group classes have a maximum of 10 students, creating a comfortable and highly participatory atmosphere in which our experienced, enthusiastic instructors have the chance to guide each student towards being able to express themselves in Spanish. We seek to make your child’s imagination to soar and to plant a seed of knowledge that will inspire their curiosity, encouraging them to pursue learning Spanish for years to come.

Note: We are not offering Children's Classes Winter Term 2018. Check back for our Spring Term schedule or sign up for our newsletter here to get updates by email!

Spanish classes for children and toddlers in Portland, OR

Spanish for little ones (Ages 4 - 6)

In this class, young children ages 4-6 will be immersed in a playful and musical Spanish atmosphere alongside a parent or caregiver (or two, if desired). Students will be exposed to new Spanish words and phrases through  songs, rhymes, stories, games,  and movement activities. Adults will actively participate and model language usage in class and need not have any prior experience learning Spanish. A great way to bond with your child and pick up some basic vocabulary and skills you can bring home with you and practice together.

Spanish for kids (Ages 7 - 10) 

This class for children ages 7-10 will expose children to basic Spanish structure and encourage them to actively use the language through the use of music, games, chants, and stories. Highly interactive, students acquire new vocabulary through fun repetition activities, reinforced with cultural touch-stones such as popular children’s songs and games from Spanish-speaking countries. Designed for Beginning students, or students who’ve had some previous study or exposure to Spanish, this class aims to stimulate in children a love of learning language and confidence to use their burgeoning skills.

If you have any questions or concerns don't hesitate to contact us.