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Spanish Beginner I

Course Description: This course is ideal to take your first steps in Spanish. It is recommended for those who have very little or no previous experience with the language. From the first session you will be introduced in a comfortable and engaging way to the basic foundations of Spanish pronunciation and elementary vocabulary, and in no time will be able to communicate important information.

Through oral activities and exercises in class and focused homework assignments you will learn to greet and introduce people, describe objects and people with the two verbs for “to be”, ask and answer basic questions, and pronounce Spanish words correctly.

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Prerequisite: None                                                                  

Duration: Intensive series - 5 weeks (2 classes/week) or Regular series - 10 weeks (1 class/week)

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Course Outline:

Grammar Topics Studied:
1) How to greet people, introducing yourself, presentations
2) The vowels and the alphabet in Spanish
3) Basic Spanish pronunciation rules
4) Gender and number in nouns
5) The indefinite article (un, una, unos, unas
6) Uses of ser and estar (Two verbs for "to be")
7) The definite article (el, la, los, las)
4) Adjectives, gender and number agreement (las sillas nuevas, el gato viejo ...)
5) The verb hay (There is/ There are)
6) Forming simple questions (¿Donde está el libro?, ¿Cómo está Juan?, ¿De donde es el vino? ...)

Key Vocabulary:
1) Greetings
2) First words
3) Friends and Family
4) Common Adjectives
5) Moods & Emotions
6) House, rooms, furniture
7) Basic numbers

Course Textbooks:

1. Bregstein, Barbara; Easy Spanish Step by Step; McGraw Hill ed. 2005
2. Maqueo, Ana María; Español para Extranjeros 1; Limusa 2da. edición, 2013